Tuesday, April 25, 2006

hmm, us sitting on the floor in cold storage hehehee
new boots!
preparing to go out with yuling !

Saturday, April 22, 2006

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Monday, April 17, 2006

listening to, i wanna love you forever - jessica simpsons

lolss. haven't updated for awhile
okay.. i met up with yuling last last saturday !
believe me she's still as nutty as before
had so much fun hehe

but.. hehe made darling very worried cos when i reach home
and went to bed and stuff i forgot to msg darling to tell him not to worry
then he was so worried abt me ihad like 13 missed calls and msgs in the morning
so sweet darling ! i'm sorry to made you get all worried mmmmuacks !
next day darling accompany me and went to my church
so sweet hehe, althought darling very tired still pei me go =)
then afterthat we went to cineleisure L9
we got a so called "chamber"
&played Xbox &&&& pc
i was damn slow luhh ! hehe, so paiseh but so fun curled up beside darling so sweet
note: it's damn freezing there ! so if you're afraid of the cold like me BRING YOUR SWEATERS/JACKETS WHATSOEVER !

last wed, thursday, friday, saturday met up with him
hehe i un-plug you arh ! waste electricity ! hahahahahahs it was so freaking funny *winks*
it's our secret ((:

my sweet baby made breakfast for me ! mmmmmuacks ! how sweet *full of smiles*

ytd i was gonna sleep lerh, then suddenly ma' bitch msged me

bran: hey bimbo. sleep already ?
fidel: lying in bed luhh.
bran: oh.. hahas. didnt really see you just now hais.. hahas. lying on your bed doing what ?
fidel: lying in bed hugging my piggie, bolster &&& my chou chou !
bran: hahas.. i also got chou chou HAHAS ! smells nice ! hahas..
fidel: my mummy say it's smelly but no luhh !
bran: my mummy also say so smelly.. still dont wanna throw hahas. my chou chou is small de. i envy my younger cousins they got bigger chou chou from my grandma

fidel: when i get married i wanna bring my chou chou along, if my future laogong don't allow i don't marry him LOLSS !
bran: hahas.. MAD AR ? marry also want to bring along .. hahas


Monday, April 10, 2006

damn. my comp fucking CRASHED.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

new cosmetics shopping list

the must-gets:
red earth - secretpotion(white)
red earth - visual affairs ( caribbean fantasy)
anna sui-super mascara volume up (black)
anna sui- SUI ROUGE S
anna sui - face colour accent (400)
ettusais - lip palette in sweet

the desired:
anna sui- whitening intensive serum
paul & joe - lipstick in pink grapefruit
estee lauder - pure colour crystal

&&&&&& today ______'s mum actually called me "xiao baobei"
OMG ! i was blushing like siao

talked to rafe on webcam, his so cute, his doggie even cuter can !

thank god there's weixin, i meeting him on saturday for maths again !

don't feel so down alright, ma' bitch?
SMILE LIKE ME ! cheer up okay ?

sherlynn you make me laugh like fuck.
ILOVEYOU ! you have me, honey ! ((:

_______ i love you ! i wanna be more thoughtful
wanna be more understanding
wanna be the good girl you love ! LOVE YOU !
you will pass your driving test.
i say will then will !! hehe
you will de you will de YOU WILL DE ! *SHOUTS*. MIND POWER !

love my baby truckloads !

Monday, April 03, 2006

i'm not feeling well.
feel like vomiting.
i want some hugs people :(
my gwennie's really sweet, thank god i've got her.

went for facial after sch with shellchi
damn the beautician
farking irritating
people go there relax
then doing face massage
she keep nagging ask me to sign for package blah blah
piss me off.

i went to buy a new foundation !
the new maybelline dream matt mousse
it's SO GOOD ! lolss,
&&&&& i bought a new lippie !

cooked for darling
actually wanted to make bian tang for darling !
but well,
we went to ice skate !
MAN, it was totally scary for me.
____don't so fierce la
i scared mar
i have things that i fear like ____do.
not patient enough don't wanna teach me don't teach lor.
at night went to watch ice age2
it's super super super super ssuuppeerr funny !
4 out of 5 bites.
i was laughing like mad throughout the movie can.

- chill, don't take me too seriously.